January went by quickly. Jim and I are grateful for the many blessing we have received and continue to receive.

I must confess, I was nervous about releasing my book, Invisible Courage. I wasn’t sure how people would respond. At the same time I was excited to share my story and encourage people.

The feedback around the book has been heart warming. It was gratifying to have so much support from family and friends. It was wonderful to hear from strangers who did not know anything about me until they read Invisible Courage.

I feel as though God has blessed my life and will use me to encourage people who may feel overwhelmed by life.

I am thankful to have taken a life that could have been quite different and allowed my faith and strength to delivery me to this point in time.

It is going to be a great year. If you know of an organization that might be interested in having me speak, please let me know.
Email: filatprayer@comcast.net

God bless you.