I am blessed! Yes it is true. When I look over my life thinking about the situations and people that caused me to think I was less of a person than other people I understand what it means to look deeply into yourself. I had to reach a very low time in my life before I realized my own self worth. When I learned to love who I was as I was my life began to change for the better.

I never forget that moment. We must love ourselves before we can love other people deeply. God loves us as we are. That is what we must follow.

It was a blessed time in my life to write my book. When my friend Janine suggested I write my story I was very excited. That was a dream I have had for a long time. Janine listened to my life stories deeply. Do you know how it feels to be listened to deeply? It is heart warming and liberating. When someone listens without judgement it is a gift.

I shared my life story and over time we had a book. I don’t think I could have taken this step with out help. That is a powerful life lesson in itself. We all need help. We all need people to join us in our personal journey through life.

I see that many blessings in sharing my book and story. People come up to me often wanting to know more. They seem to step away from our conversation feeling a little stronger. They seem to feel they also can love themselves a little more deeply, who they are, as they are. In that we find the power to become better and better.

That is where the blessings live!

( My friend Janine helps me with these post. She hears my heart and puts my own words together helping me to have many ways to share my story. Whether it is in my book, on this blog, Facebook or in varies interviews. There may be some editing by a friend, journalist, videographer to make my words flow better but they are my words. This is my heart speaking and I want to share what I have learned with you. Thank you.)