“Filomena, I just finished reading your book. It is fantastic. It is also inspiring. I also learned how I have been prejudice of some people with disabilities. You have opened my eyes. I will treat you and other disabled people better. I also enjoyed doing the workbook. I can imagine the struggle to write the book and having to deal with past emotional struggles. You are very inspiring. God gave you a job where you can help others by your positive thinking and independence. People will learn from you what you can overcome with faith in God. God gave you a purpose in life and it was to help us all by educating us.” L.R.

I am so grateful for the feedback I have been receiving. It is true, it was painful at times searching through my memories as I wrote this book.

It made me think how valuable a positive attitude really is. Above is a photo of me at the Christmas party were I have been employed for eighteen years. We had fun trying to lift candy canes with a candy cane.

Laughter and joy are very important as we move through difficult life moments.

As we close 2017 and welcome 2018 let’s all find ways to be kinder and happier. That one action will make a positive change in the world.

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Thank you.