Hello everyone.

Let me update you with some news. Unfortunately my Facebook account was hacked. I created a new one. You can find me by searching Author Filomena Tripp.

I have been enjoying recent speaking engagements. Lakeville Public Library was wonderful. The room was full with people eager to hear my story. It was an uplifting talk for us all.

The library recorded the talk as well. You can find that on my YouTube channel.

I have had a great response from people who have attended a talk.  This warms my heart. I believe God wants me to meet people where they are and try to offer encouragement.

When I was writing my book, the review of my life was very painful at times. More than a few times I was in tears just telling my story. Now that I see how much it is helping people I feel we are joining together and offering healing to one another.

I feel so blessed after a speaking engagement. I will be posting upcoming talks on Facebook.

Remember you can purchase my book on Amazon or right here on the website.

I want to leave you with this thought. I could have decided at any time in my life that I had nothing to offer anyone in this world. The spirit within me reminded me all through my life that my life was precious and a gift. I have found ways to contribute and hopefully make people’s lives a little bit better. What gift to you have with in you that you could share in your corner of the world?

You will be surprised at what a mutual blessing it is when we share our gifts and blessings.

Thank you for checking in and please share this link with your family and friends.