By Filomena Tripp

Invisible Courage

Filomena Tripp author of Invisible Courage has written a compelling novel that shows us the way through and beyond adversity.

Filomena Tripp cries out in agony after the sudden death of her husband. Flash backs from her life begin to haunt her. Born in 1955 in São Miguel, Azores with undeveloped arms and one undeveloped leg, struggle is all she has ever known. This midlife catastrophe nearly destroys her spirit and at the same time challenges her to find something wonderful about her life and more importantly, herself.

Filomena reminds us to look deeply within and rediscover what has been hidden.

Invisible Courage is a moving testament to the power and resilience of the human spirit.

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Filomena Tripp

Filomena was born, October 8, 1955 in Sao Miguel, Azores. She lives in New Bedford, MA with her husband James. She is an Independent Living Specialist at Southeast Center for Independent Living in Fall River, MA. She has spoken at numerous conferences and rallies. She works tirelessly for people with disabilities, encouraging many to live life to their fullest potential.

Filomena received awards from The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) and Southeast Center for Independent Living (SCIL)

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Powerful and Inspirational Story

“We are all connected; we all have infinite value, and Invisible Courage is a well-written reminder of how the human spirit is the strongest force in the universe.”

– Steve Manchester, #1 Bestselling Author of The Rockin’ Chair and Ashes

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A Dream Can Become A Reality.

I am so happy to have my life story published in both English and Portugese. My mission is to share with people the possibility of overcoming challenges. The support I have felt every step of the way has filled my heart. I am grateful. God is good to me.

Coragem Invisivel

We all have had a difficult two years. I believe encouraging one another makes a difference. I have always hoped to encourage people with my life story. Now Invisible Courage is available in English and Portugese. Click the link on this website to order your copy....